• The Environmental Products & Services Vermont, Inc (EPS) Grease Trap Maintenance Program is managed through a scheduled pumping and cleaning plan to ensure efficient, effective system operation. EPS technicians will clean the system as scheduled and dispose of all waste in an environmentally compliant manner at a fully licensed and permitted facility.

    An effective and efficient Grease Trap Maintenance Program should encompass more than just pumping the trap; it should also include drain line management. Our program is a grease trap and drain line maintenance program specifically designed to clear drain lines of organic buildup through high-pressure water jetting in conjunction with regular grease trap evacuation.

  • EPS also offers competitively priced grit, sand and lint trap maintenance services for car and truck washdown areas, laundromats, storm drains, lift stations and other non-hazardous waste collection traps. Contact us for more information.

  • Grease Trap Evacuation

  • Used Cooking Oil Removal

  • Used Oil Storage

  • Oil Water Separator Service