• Environmental Products & Services of Vermont, Inc. (EPS) has extensive experience performing subsurface investigations and constructing remediation systems designed to meet site specific requirements.

    The EPS track-mounted direct push rig can be used to access difficult drilling locations and is a cost-effective method for collecting soil, soil gas, and groundwater samples.

  • EPS uses a portable High Vacuum Extraction (HVE) system for performance of Mobile Enhanced Multi-Phase Extraction (MEME) events. State regulatory agencies request 8-, 12-, and 24-hour MEME events as a means of effecting aggressive, short-duration remedial activities, without incorporating the high capital investment associated with stationary equipment installations. In most urban areas, off-gas treatment is required during MEME events to keep hydrocarbon emissions below allowable limits.

    The EPS portable HVE system consists of a specially equipped vacuum truck that is utilized to draw total fluids (separate phase product and contaminated groundwater) and vapors from several monitoring / extraction wells. It has a trailer-mounted off-gas treatment system consisting of a thermal oxidizer (ThermOx), generator, and liquid propane as supplemental fuel.

  • EPS designs, builds, installs and operates portable and stationary remediation systems in house. Remedial techniques we have commonly incorporated into our systems include:

    Traditional Pump & Treat systems combined with dual-phase (LNAPL / DNAPL and water) recovery and treatment
    Total fluids (vapors, product, groundwater) extraction and remediation systems
    Soil vapor extraction, including sub-slab vapor mitigation systems
    Air sparging (sparge curtain) using compressed gas cylinders and compressor / blower systems
    In-situ chemical oxidation systems with or without air sparging techniques
    Vapor and liquid phase activated carbon systems

  • Site Investigation

  • Site Remediation

  • Soil, Soil Gas, Groundwater Remediation

  • Groundwater Monitoring

  • Soil Vapor Survey / Analysis

  • Sampling and Analysis

  • Post Excavation Analysis

  • Radon Gas Testing

  • Geological Surveys

  • Environmental Compliance and Site Assessments

  • Facility Response Plans