Since 1999 Environmental Products & Services of Vermont, Inc. (EPS) has been providing 24/7 emergency environmental services along with a wide array of complimentary services to our diversified client base through our extensive branch and contractor network.

Today, Environmental Products & Services of Vermont, Inc. operates from multiple locations in New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. The Company's headquarters is located in Syracuse, New York.


    All branch consulting and other professional services are supported by the EPS Corporate Geosciences and Environmental groups, whose monitoring practices provide branch quality assurance.


    The Environmental Division of EPS offers wide variety of services to provide both scope and quality to its customers.


    The Products Division grew out of EPS's expertise in products and services related to petroleum facilities.

Each operation's location or branch office is fully staffed and can offer the complete spectrum of Company products and services. In addition, all technical personnel and operations staff are qualified, 40-Hour OSHA-trained professionals. With this multi-branch approach, each customer receives individual attention and service.

The Company's branches are strategically located so that, where necessary, personnel and equipment from one branch can be called upon to support the operations of an adjacent branch. The geographical network of EPS is unique to its operating area and serves to provide timely and all-encompassing services to its customers.