• Environmental Products & Services of Vermont, Inc. (EPS) conducts comprehensive audits of all the treatment facilities we use to ensure they follow our strict standards. We scutinize their regulatory track record, examine their financial history, and gauge their business future, minimizing the possibility of your waste being mismanaged.

    We manage your waste in a safe and responsible fashion, ensuring your compliance with the law.

    EPS has up-to-date knowledge of the industry, familiarity with the procedures of treatment facilities, and contracts already in place. We choose the best option to remove your waste quickly and economically.

    It is our business to stay informed of the latest waste management regulations and treatment options, and apply that knowledge to your situation.

  • On-Site Waste Evaluation

  • Testing of Unknown Materials

  • Sampling Services

  • Waste Identification, Classification and Packaging According to U.S DOT Regulations