• What would you do if you had a petroleum spill on the highway?

    A gasoline leak at your plant? An acid spill in your warehouse?

    A leaking fuel oil tank at your home?

    Or a gasoline spill in a lake or river?

    Would you know what to do to protect the people, environment and property at the scene?

    When it comes to hazardous or non-hazardous spills, Environmental Products & Services of Vermont, Inc. is your best protection. Our prompt and capable response can minimize losses in productivity, reduce environmental damage, health threats, and liability.

  • For over 25 years, EPS has responded to thousands of situations just like these - day and night. Our qualified responders who make up each local team, hold EPA Certificates for 40-Hour OSHA training.

    EPS is ready to respond to any accident with the right equipment and the right personnel - at the right price.

  • Highway Incidents (Gasoline, Diesel, HAZMAT, and Product Transfers)

  • Railroad Incidents (Derailment, Transfer, Intermodal)

  • Hospital, University, & Municipal Incidents

  • Waterway Spills

  • Industrial Incidents

  • HAZMAT Assistance