For over 25 years EPS has specialized in turnkey project management and field services support of capital projects and disaster recovery operations on a national level.

Our unique ability to mobilize on short notice utilizing a dedicated national accounts team provides for project stability from start through completion.

Here are a few representative projects and our capabilities:


    Gulf Coast States, Hurricane Recovery Operations (National Retail Client): Hurricanes Katrina, Dolly, Gustav, Ike and Irene. EPS deployed an advanced recon team to all of the hardest hit areas and waited out the storms in order to assess our client’s geographic impact from ground zero and worked with local emergency management agencies to determine the quickest routes of entry in order to deploy our first responder strike force within hours of landfall. Our primary mission during these events consisted of recovering spent perishables from hundreds of retail stores, securing hazardous materials to determine the severity of impact to the environment and immediately mitigate. We also provided property clearing, partial demolition services, refueling operations of critical generators and deployed potable water in order to get infrastructure back on line for the local communities as soon as practical.


    Phoenix, AZ (National Retail Client): The removal of multiple 20,000-gallon USTs from a fueling station and the associated kiosk and canopy. Additional requirements during a Phase II Remedial Action Plan consisted of utilizing ground penetrating radar (GPR) during site evaluations to locate tanks and other underground anomalies, on-site drilling (Geoprobe) to evaluate the extent of contamination, field screening soils during excavation for the presence of contaminants to minimize disposal costs, backfilling the open excavation to grade, and installation of temporary and long-term groundwater monitoring wells.

    Houston, TX (National Retail Client): The removal of multiple 20,000-gallon USTs from a fueling station and demolition of the associated kiosk. Site activities included contaminated soil excavation, dewatering operations and site restoration.

    Clay, NY (National Retail Client): The removal of multiple 20,000-gallon USTs from a fueling station, shoring and sheet piling to prevent collapse of a critical retention pond, contaminated soil excavation, and site restoration.

    Sacramento, CA (National Retail Client): Site evaluation and remedial services in support of a multimillion dollar property transaction. Our team was requested to respond immediately just before Christmas to mitigate existing site contamination with the goal of obtaining a "No Further Action" regulatory status by the end of the year. Mission accomplished!!


    Multiple locations, CA, NY, MD, CT and TX (National Retail Client): Pigeon dung and exterminated rodent removal, erecting of critical barriers during substrate demolition and associated building decontamination. Our team routinely works in very harsh environments on public sensitive projects and we know what it takes to limit liability and get your company back up and running in short order.


    Pocahontas, AR (National Retail Client): During some of the worst flooding in the history of the United States, EPS deployed teams in advance of flood waters to evacuate vessels containing petroleum based products and waste, provided tanker trucks to remove contaminated flood waters, decontaminate building substrates and provide site restoration services.


    Tuscaloosa, AL and surrounding region Tornado Recovery (National Retail Client): EPS deployed heavy equipment, roll off containers and dump trailers to recover tons of spent perishables. Our response team recovered and managed 170+ loads of perishables within 72 hours of deployment. This accomplishment enabled our client to get back in business immediately in order to supply the local communities' needs in a timely fashion.


    Joplin, MO Tornado Recovery (National Retail Client): After the worst tornado disaster in the history of the United States, EPS was on scene within 12 hours of impact. Our primary mission was to recover hazardous materials buried in collapsed rubble, decontaminate petroleum-impacted property, excavate hundreds of yards of contaminated soils and recover non hazardous waste streams. Additionally, EPS was requested to deploy a chlorinated water treatment system within 36 hours of notification, which allowed our client to be self supportive and 100% operational to meet public demand while others were still on boiled water notice. We delivered!!

    As with all of our disaster recovery support, our company is second to none in the industry. Our response team continued to earn the reputation of going "above and beyond" by working with search and rescue teams, recovering personal effects for employees and displaced, and delivering equipment and supplies upon request for multiple first responders in support of our clients needs. Whether the need was for tents, heavy equipment, fork lifts, generators or emergency lighting, we met each challenge as needed.

Each operation's location or branch office is fully staffed and can offer the complete spectrum of Company products and services. In addition, all technical personnel and operations staff are qualified, 40-Hour OSHA-trained professionals. With this multi-branch approach, each customer receives individual attention and service.

The Company's branches are strategically located so that, where necessary, personnel and equipment from one branch can be called upon to support the operations of an adjacent branch. The geographical network of EPS is unique to its operating area and serves to provide timely and all-encompassing services to its customers.